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Jan 2022

Address : 30 Jessore Road, Dum Dum, Kolkata 700 028
Phone : 033 2559 2030
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Governing Body of Diocesan Schools (Founder Body), Diocese of Calcutta (CNI)

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Christ Church Girls' High School is a Higher Secondary School preparing children for the Secondary and Higher Secondary Examination affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and the West Bengal Council of HS Education respectively. We have more than 100 teaching staff, well assisted by our administrative staff and support staff.

Christ Church Girls' High School (HS), a Christian Minority Institution, functions under the aegis of The Diocese of Calcutta, Church of North India. The Church is not only committed to play a vital role in the field of education, both academic and vocational, but also in the social scenario with many old age homes, schools for the less privileged to its credit. The Diocese is headed by the Bishop of Calcutta who is also the President of our School Managing Committee.

School Hours:

11.00 am to 2.00 pm

10.00 am to 2.30pm

Secondary & Higher Secondary
10.00 am to 4.15 pm

Please visit the school website for current details >

• Age limit for admission to Nursery is 4 years (please visit school website for current details)

• Students, who get admission for the first time, must submit an attested photocopy of their Registered Birth Certificate and Hospital / Nursing Home Discharge Certificate.

• Transfer Certificate (original) of previous school attended must be submitted at the time of admission to Classes 2-8.

• If a student wishes to withdraw her name from the School Admission register after taking admission, fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstance.


Pre-primary > Nursery & KG
Bengali / Hindi Craft Drawing English GK Games Music Number Work Value Education

Primary > classes 1-5

Class 1
Arithmetic Bengali /Hindi Computer Craft Drawing English GK Games Music Science Value Education

Class 2-3
Arithmetic Bengali /Hindi Computer Craft Drawing English GK Games Music Science Value Education SST

Class 4-5
Arithmetic Bengali Computer Craft Drawing English GK Games Music Science Value Education Geography History

Class 6
Bengali Computer Drawing English GK Geography History Mathematics Music Physical Education Science Value Education Work Education

Class 7-8
Bengali Computer English GK Geography History Life Science Mathematics Physical Education Physical Science Value Education Work Education Sanskrit

Class 9-10
Bengali Computer English Geography History Life Science Mathematics Physical Education Physical Science Value Education Work Education

Higher Secondary Section

Classes 11-12
Compulsory Subjects: Bengali (First Language), English (Second Language)

Students have to select 3 Compulsory Elective Subjects and One Additional Elective Subject from any one of the following Set of Subjects:

Set - 1
• Biological Science
• Chemistry / Economics
• Computer Application / Computer Science
• Geography
• Mathematics
• Physics / Nutrition

Set - 2
• Computer Application / Music
• Economics / Philosophy
• Education / Nutrition
• Geography
• History / Mathematics
• Political Science

Set - 3
• Accountancy
• Business Studies
• Computer Application
• Cost & Taxation
• Economics
• Mathematics / Commercial Law & Preliminaries of Auditing

Infrastructure facilities
• Biology lab
• Chemistry lab
• Computer lab
• Geography lab
• Nutrition lab
• Physics lab
• Assembly hall
• Auditorium
• Canteen
• Conveyance
• Counselor
• Library
• Medical room
• Playground
• School chapel

• Ananda Mela
• Annual Prize Day
• Annual Production
• Annual Sports Day
• Children’s Day
• Christmas tree Party
• DEM Fete
• Foundation Day
• Inter School Carol Competition
• Teachers’ Day

Completing nearly one and a half Centuries of existence is a major milestone for any institution and more so for a girls' school. For more than a century young women have passed through our portals and emerged as strong capable citizens of our nation. We have helped them mature, equipped with the right skills, principles and attitudes necessary to function in this cyber age. The school is committed to provide quality education to all who come here irrespective of their religion and financial status. Though we still mainly rely upon the Chalk and Talk method, the school also makes use of a range of modern equipments and facilities to provide diverse learning opportunities required for the overall development of a child. Since the time of its inception, Christ Church Girls' High School (HS) has been a conspicuous torchbearer on the uneven path of women's emancipation in the true sense of the term. We help our girls develop their mind, their conscience and be instilled with the right sense of duty and honour and the power to distinguish between right and wrong. These timeless principles have survived all changes in the existing world and we in our turn constantly strive to hand down these values to the young women of the cyber age with the required adaptations.


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