Our school management system is equipped with different academic & administrative functionalities that will cater to all your management requirements of your institute. From Enquiry and Admissions processes to regular Academic activities, Fees collection, Exam management, Staff Attendance and Payroll, Classroom Edge school management system can automate all the process, eliminate human-errors and make the process hassle-free!

Academic Management

  1. Student Admission

  2. Subject Enrollment Change/Update

  3. Student Data Update/Edit

  4. Student Attendance Online/Offline

  5. Teacher’s Log Book

  6. General/Student’s Data/Attendance Reports

  7. Certificate’s/Templates Creation

  8. SMS Facility

Exam Management:

  1. Exam Setup

  2. Paper Type

  3. Reports-Weekly Test/Term Exam/Semester Exam

  4. Subject Passing/Grade Setup

  5. Exam/Result Process

  6. General Exam Report/Result Statistics/Top–Poor Students

  7. Exam SMS/Result SMS

Fees Management

  1. Fees Structure/Fees Collection

  2. Fees Reports–Day/User/Monthly/Yearly/Class/etc

  3. Unpaid Reports–Student Wise/Class Wise/etc

  4. Fees Exemption/Concession

  5. Tally Report

  6. Receipt Cancelation

  7. Online Fee Collection

Back Office

  1. Setup MOP

  2. Invoices

  3. Bank Details

  4. Account Configuration

  5. Balance Sheet

  6. Payment History

  7. Stock Management

Benefits you can enjoy with our School ERP System

Classroom Edge ERP software has helped myriads of schools across the country to organize and automate their school management and academic processes and monitor their student performances. We will help you to keep your institution’s day-to-day activities simple and organized. Think of the benefits your school will have by using our ERP System.

  1. Centralisation of data

  2. Automation and streamlining of different school management processes

  3. Better Student, Admission, Attendance, Exam, Fee, Staff, Library Management

  4. Hassle free fee payment

  5. Access to different reports and real time data

  6. Effective communication between school admins, teachers, students and parents

  7. Helps in better management decision making

  8. Can be accessed by all stakeholders involved

  9. Data Security and restricted access

  10. Reduces human labour and human errors

  11. Reduces carbon footprint and usage of papers

  12. Curtails operational costs