Learning Management System

The Learning Management Software of Classroom Edge comes with cutting-edge functionalities that will digitize your education system and making teaching and learning fun, interactive and hassle-free process. Waste no more time, but take the opportunity of free trials and browse through the features.

Teacher Portal

  1. Personalised dashboard with unique ID and password

  2. Schedule online classes

  3. Upload online classes schedule

  4. Upload class and subject wise curriculum notes and content

  5. Upload class and subject wise videos

  6. View daily online classes schedule

  7. Access to student attendance

  8. Create online examinations (Subjective and Objective)

  9. Access to answer sheets for correction

  10. Upload E-books

  11. Upload important notices

  12. Schedule assignments

Student Portal

  1. Personalised dashboard with unique ID and password

  2. View daily online class schedule

  3. Connect to online classes

  4. Access to class and subject wise curriculum, notes and content

  5. Access to class and subject wise videos

  6. Access to Online Examinations (Subjective and Objective)

  7. Access to answer sheets

  8. Upload and submit classwork and homework

  9. Access to notices

Admin Module

  1. Adding Teachers, Students, Coordinators in the system

  2. Assign specific roles to each user

  3. Assign user permissions

  4. Activate deactivate a user

  5. Control Student, Teacher, Principal and Admin Dashboard

  6. Monitor User and Access logs and reports

  7. Generation of reports

Advantages of using our LMS

Today, LMS has become essential part of the online classroom. Investing in an effective LMS solution now will pay extra dividends down the road. There are several benefits that your school can derive from using the Classroom Edge Learning Management Software.

  1. Centralised Data system

  2. Data Security and restricted access

  3. Resources in different formats

  4. Develop engaging and interactive teaching curriculum

  5. Remote Access

  6. Helps parent-teacher-student to work in sync and remain up to date

  7. Data-Driven Results

  8. User-friendly interface

  9. Cutting down on operational costs

  10. Scope for customization