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Address : 55/4 Rabindra Sarani, Bhatta Nagar, Liluah, Howrah, West Bengal 711204
Contact : 033-26456224/ +91 8697205896

Holy Family Convent School, Liluah, Howrah is an English Medium Co-educational School run by the sisters of the Congregation of the Holy Family. It is governed by the Bhagalpur Holy Family Society which is a Religious and Charitable Organization Registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 Holy Family Sisters run several schools in India and abroad in which young people belonging to every creed, social class, community and linguistic group are educated through the medium of English and the regional languages. These institutions join the effort of the Catholic Church to share in the country’s educational understanding This effort, while being particularly responsible to the Christian Community, has always been at the service of the whole nation.

Holy Family arms every student with the strength and depth of character that enables him/her to face the fiercely competitive society of today with ease and confidence.

The institution has a holistic approach to education whereby the scholastic performance of the pupil is reinforced by Holy Family ideals of universal brotherhood, love, peace, joy and kindness in which the school explicitly believes. Exemplary discipline, outstanding academic performance and excellence in co-curricular and extracurricular activities are the hallmarks of every Holy Family student.

Aims and objectives
The school aims at the integral development of the whole person enabling them to be spiritually oriented, morally upright, intellectual well informed, socially concerned, nationally conscious, and appreciative of their culture, emotionally balanced and physically well developed. The school strives to produce dynamic and socially useful citizens for our country respecting all castes, creeds and religions and above all upholding the core value of human dignity in the name of God and country.

The students are prepared for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) New Delhi, which has been recognized by the Government of India as one of the main all India School Examining bodies.

The medium of instruction is English but very special emphasis is given to Hindi-the national language. The complete curriculum consist of English, Hindi, Bengali, History, Geography, Social studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General science, Computer Application, Mathematics, Accounts, Economics, Commerce, Computer Science, Drawing, Painting, Physical Training . The school lays a great deal of stress on character formation and development of spiritual and ethical values are which imparted regularly to students through the teaching of Moral Science. In order to develop the latent potentialities Socially Useful and Productive Work has been enhanced in the curriculum (SUPW).

The school has well-equipped laboratories for Science, Computer, A/O language Lab and library to allow the pupils to develop and foster their innate talents and keep abreast with modern education from the very beginning.

Vacations are given in the school calendar. These holidays may not be extended or anticipated. Unauthorized leaves on the last days before vacation and delays in returning to school will mean “re admission” to the school.

The admission forms are available online at http://www.hflcampuscare.in/Logon

Parents are asked to fill in the Admission Forms with utmost accuracy. No subsequent changes will be permitted. A candidate who has attended another school cannot be admitted without a Transfer Certificate from the school he/she last attended. Catholic students must produce Baptism Certificate. An interaction with the child together with his/her parents is required prior to the admission. After taking new admission in any class, if a pupil is absent for 10 consecutive days, the name will be struck off the rolls.

School fees
The school fees cover twelve calendar months and may be paid in monthly installments or in advance in Canara Bank Liluah Branch. No reduction is made for holidays or broken periods. Students are liable to be charged full fees as long as their names are officially on the rolls. Fees once paid will not be refunded.

The fee defaulters may be debarred from examinations and are liable to have their names struck off the rolls.

The school reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice at any time of the year an increment is considered necessary.

Assessment and promotion
There will be two Unit Tests and One Assessment besides the Annual Examination.

Promotion at the end of the year will be based on attendance, continuous assessment in every subject, work done during the year and overall conduct record. Total aggregate of 40 % is each subject is a precondition for promotion.

No grade will be given if a student has failed or absented in any subject. Answer scripts of Unit Tests and First Assessment will be shown to the parents. Answer scripts of Final Examination will not be shown.

If a pupil does not pass in all subjects, any concession that he/she enjoys will be cancelled. For students who are absent for any assessment/unit test class test, no provision can be made for supplementary.

Failure to appear at any assessment can seriously affect a student’s academic progress and promotion.

Breach of any of the regulations of conduct at examinations or indiscipline in or outside the hall or the use of unfair means, even if discovered subsequently will merit the cancellation of the particular paper and the student concerned will be awarded a zero and also liable to the refused admission to subsequent papers.

A student who has missed a Unit Test/Assessment due to sickness and a leave has been sanctioned again written application on the day of examination with pro medical certificate will be awarded 75% of total marks secured in other Assessments and Unit Test. No consideration can be made if the candidate misses both the Assessments.

The result declared at the end of the year is final and cannot be reconsidered.
In all questions of Promotion or Failure, the Principal’s decision is final.
Each student is required to be present 90% of the school days as a precondition for promotion.

Facilities available
• An on-going programme of refurbishment and development…
• Audio-visual theatre
• Children’s park with various apparatus
• Dance and music classes
• Dedicated grounds team to maintain the gardens and playing fields all the year round
• Extensive playing fields
• Laboratories
• Lodern smart classrooms
• Spacious classrooms
• Sports apparatus

New facilities added • Escalator for the faculty and the sick students
• Lab for Applied English teaching
• Modern audio-visual room
• New gate opening to the main road
• Renovated auditorium

Due to the wake of Covid-19
• Introduced on-line classes
• Making teaching-learning more interesting and informative
• Virtual classes with the help of Microsoft Team

To grow a culture of faith through a deep experience the fatherhood motherhood of God and the brotherhood sisterhood of humankind.

To ensure holistic and integral development of every student that he/ she realizes his / her responsibility towards family, society, nation and to the whole world.

To train the students to behold the presence of the Divine in the universe and in the scientific and technical achievements.

To provide quality and relevant education to all in particular to the marginalized.

Our vision is to create a world of enlightened and integrated citizens and mould ideal families by imparting knowledge of God and value- based quality education.

Some points to note
The students of the school are inspired to:
Be helpful and honest citizens of India
Develop a positive attitude to life
Explore the latent faculties and inborn talents of students
Help students discover their inherent potential
Take part in Out-reach programmes
Take part in various club activities

The services of trained and well-experienced counselors are extended to the students and parents,
and they address the problems of the children and the solutions to tackle them.

Important events of the school

Classes 1-2 and 3-4
Individual Competitions
• Colouring
• English Elocution
• Fancy Dress
• Folk Dance
• Hindi/ Bengali Elocution
• Poem Recitation
• Story Telling
• Western Dance (classes 3-4)
• Origami (classes 3-4

Group Competitions (Inter House)
• Word building
• Carol singing
• Choral recitation
• General quiz (classes 3-4 only)

Classes 5-6 and 7-9
Individual Competitions
• Eco Collage
• Elocution
• Folk/Western Dance
• Instrumental Music
• Movie Review
• Pencil Drawing
• Solo song
• Vegetable Carving
• Declamation (classes 7-9)
• Extempore (classes 7-9)

Inter House competitions
• Carol singing
• Carom
• Chess
• Cricket
• Debate
• General quiz
• Kabaddi / khokho
• Math & Computer quiz
• Science quiz
• Throw ball

Life sketch of Saint Mariam Thresia
Saint Mariam Thresia the Foundress of the Congregation of Holy Family was born on 26 April, 1876 in a small village called Puthenchira in Thrissur, the central district of Kerala. She was the third among the five children of Thomas Mankidian and Thanda Mangaly who had to depend upon the seasonal crops for their livelihood. The financial depression of the family due to the unfavourable weather and a bad crop, hit Thresia’s father and brother. Therefore, it became Thanda’s bounden duty to assume management of the family affairs. Being kind and gracious in nature, she fell on her knees and fervently prayed for God’s mercy, while that zealous and devout mother found time to teach her children, specially the curious Thresia, the lessons of religiosity. Thanda knew about the saints, martyrs and above all about Jesus Christ who sacrificed his life on the cross for the redemption of the mankind. Without much time, the seeds of faith and love took root in the heart of Thresia. Little Thresia began to teach the smaller children of her locality, the lessons she learnt from her mother. As a young girl, with a bowl filled with her own food she moved to the needy. As a nun she always served the sick, prepared the dying, extended healing to the wounded, preached the Gospel, educated the ignorant, received the unwanted, accepted the weak and liberated the oppressed. This unlettered but pure and refined girl from a village, blessed by God with a rare ingenious wisdom and mystic powers and with noble and charitable heart, founded the Congregation of Holy Family on 14 May 1914 which is now established far and wide approximately 2500 members involved in different ministries over 250 convents situated in India and abroad.

About the School
Holy Family Convent School Liluah is one of the institutions run by the Congregation of Holy Family which manage and administer over a hundred and fifty institutions in India and abroad. It was “a dream come true” – of Saint Mariam Thresia, the visionary pioneer in the field of Family Apostolate. The founding of the school by the Arunoday Province of the Congregation of Holy Family was an answer to the increasing demands for a convent school for the children in and around Liluah, the hub of people with various origin and culture. Today, the institution has soared to envious heights of prestige and eminence. The school has been given the Non Objection Certificate by the Minority Commission and the Certificate of Permanent Affiliation.
While our Education is directed towards the development of the person we too are primarily concerned with instilling Gospel values in those we educate and forming responsible citizens in the country who are ready to take their place in social, political and cultural life with selflessness and zeal. Our special focus will be the formation of the committed people who are filled with a sense of mission to their country and to the world. We strive to implement the national aims and objectives of education through the goals our school has discovered and which is realized and propagated by all our staff and students.
It is a co-educational school with approximately 1100 students on its rolls studying from Classes 1-11. The School was established in the year 2006. It is situated at 55/4 Rabindra Sarani, Liluah, Howrah. The School has its own land with playground and building with sufficient class rooms, Library, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and language labs well-furnished and aptly equipped. We have Language Lab where students are taught and practiced for the correct pronunciation and spellings. The AV Room is well utilized for the AV activities. The use of Smart Class of Educomp Solution is an added impetus to teach children in a student friendly.
Four batch students (2017 to 2020) have taken ICSE Examination with flying colours all with 1st division having the highest score 96.2%, 95%, 95% and 96 respectively. We have a well constituted Managing Committee, dedicated and well-equipped faculty. The Sisters run the School in which students belonging to every creed, Social class, Community and Linguistic group are educated. We have a good mixture of students reading in our school where 60% are Non- Bengalis. At present the School is imparting Education to around 1100 students from class 1 to 11. Our Students exhibit themselves through activities like Art Contest, Cultural Activities, Sports Meet, Quiz Completion, Project Works, S.U. P. W, Educational Tour, Inter School and ICSE Regional Competitions, Exhibitions in Science, Art & Technology. The School has a registered Scouts and Guides.

Congregation of Holy Family (CHF) Perspectives on Education
As a response to the divine call and realizing the urgent need of the time, the CHF, founded in 1914 stepped into the field of education in its inception itself. St. Mariam Thresia, the Foundress of the Congregation having drawn inspiration from the Lord and illumined by the divine wisdom, set out to start a school at Puthenchira in 1915. The very aim behind starting a school was to impart knowledge of God specially focusing the girls, the true foundations for future families. The growth of this apostolic field was amazing within the hundred years of life span, spreading over every nook and corner of this country and extending even beyond oceans, even to the Dark Continent. Now it is time to review, refresh and recharge from the founding spring and also to transform as per the ever-changing horizon of time and knowledge.

Source: http://holyfamilyliluah.org/ and school diary