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Address : 8th Mile, Janga bir Sapkota Road, Kalimpong-734301 West Bengal
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School Motto RISE

Infant Jesus School, Kalimpong, is a Christian institution; however, children of other religious denominations are also admitted on the condition that they conform to the customs and practices of the school with an open mind.

The medium of instruction in Infant Jesus School is English and it follows a curriculum set according to the guidelines prescribed by the Board for Anglo-Indian Education.

Nepali, Bengali, Hindi and Dzongkha are also taught as Second Languages. It is compulsory to learn one of these languages. 

The school’s academic session begins in February and ends in the first week of December. The academic session is divided into three terms, i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Term. Written examinations are conducted at the end of each term and a Progress Report of the child’s performance is issued to the parents/guardians, reflecting the child’s effort and application to academics during that term. Drama, music, dance, elocution, quiz and physical education are given due importance and computer applications are also taught as part of the syllabus.

The students are divided into Four Houses and Inter-House activities / competitions are conducted on a regular basis to instill in them a sense of team spirit and unity.

Admission formalities
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General rules
Parents/Guardians are required to bring back their children/wards for the commencement of the school terms on time.
Any child once admitted, cannot be withdrawn immediately. In such cases, all fees and other deposits paid will be forfeited and a Transfer Certificate will not be issued.
If any pupil is withdrawn before the completion of the academic session, the security deposit will be forfeited.
An Authorization Letter from the parents is required, if the child is to be sent home with a third party/representative after school hours.

Parents are requested to co-operate with the following
1. Sending the child to school on time on all working days.

2. Checking on their child’s attendance / punctuality / academic progress / conduct and duly signing the leave notes / remarks in the school diary.

3. Ensuring that the child studies at home daily.

4. Making certain that the child completes the assignments given for homework.

Important regulations
1. English will be spoken at all times in the school premises.

2. Students must be punctual to class. No one who has been late or absent may be admitted to the class without the signed note from the Headmaster.

3. Wearing of School Uniform for class, as well as PT Uniform for PT, SUPW and games is compulsory. 4. The school is not responsible for goods lost/stolen/misplaced. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles and money to school. All IJS students are expected to be honest and truthful at all times.

5. Day Scholars/Boarders, who cannot return promptly after any holiday, should inform the Headmaster in writing, before the school reopens, else they may have their names struck off the rolls or a heavy fine will be imposed.

6. Students should not leave the School Premises during the breaks/class hours without the explicit permission from the Headmaster.

7. Absolute silence must be observed in the classrooms.

8. Parents/ Guardians are strongly encouraged to meet the Headmaster and Class Teachers regularly to inquire about the general progress of their children/wards.

9. Parents/Guardians are expected to accept and abide by all disciplinary decisions/actions taken by the School Authorities.

10. Parents/Guardians are urged to inculcate in their children/wards a sense of the divine, the importance of prayer, and a life of moral values.

11. Absentees and late-comers should get their diaries signed by the Headmaster before entering the classroom.

12. Anyone absent from the school for one month or more continuously without the necessary permission from the Headmaster will be considered having left the school.

13. A student will be asked to leave the school if he/she fails twice in three consecutive years.

14. Any student with an attendance of less than 80% during an academic year will not be promoted.

15. A student cannot be re-admitted once withdrawn from the school.

16. Absentees for any test must give prior information to the Headmaster in writing, otherwise the student will be awarded zero for that test.

Exam Rules
The school’s academic session is divided into three terms, i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Term.

1st Term:-
Examinations for all subjects will be conducted out of 100 marks each, on the basis of which the Progress Reports of the 1st Term will be prepared and issued.

2nd Term:-
There will be TWO Unit Tests conducted for all subjects.
First Unit Test in all subjects out of 50 marks each.
Second Unit Test in all subjects out of 50 marks each.
The TOTAL of these two Unit Tests, (50 + 50) being equal to 100 marks, will be the basis on which the Progress Reports of the 2nd  Term will be prepared and issued.

3rd Term:- A Third Unit Test will be conducted in all subjects out of 20 marks each.
Final Examination for all subjects will be conducted out of 80 marks each.
The TOTAL of these two exams, (20 + 80) being equal to 100 marks, will be the basis on which the Progress Reports of the 3rd Term will be prepared and issued.

Promotion policy
Applicable for students of all classes
A student who secures an average of 40% or more of the total marks will qualify for a PASS result.
Any student with an attendance of less than 80% during an academic year will not be promoted.
Pass marks for all students in all subjects are 40%. Annual Reports will show only the grades.
Promotion depends on the student’s performance throughout the year and NOT merely on the marks scored in any particular examination.

If a student is absent from Unit Tests or Term Exams, he/she will not be allowed to appear for it at a later day.

There is no system for re-examination or reconsideration of a student who has not been promoted. Do not pressurize either through influential or through social/political organizations. This is not becoming of Parents/Guardians of the students of Infant Jesus School.

Inter-House competitions are conducted for the following:-
• Art
• Dancing
• Elocution
• Handwriting
• Quiz
• Singing
• Spelling Bee
• The School Sports and The School Concert are organized and conducted turn wise every alternate year.

Infant Jesus School was established in the year 1995. It is situated in the picturesque hill region of Kalimpong, West Bengal, at an average elevation of about 4,101 feet. The temperate climate and clean natural environment is undoubtedly a blessing and suitable for the well-being and good health of all living here. It is especially a benefit for all students who come to study here from neighbouring states and countries, in the several educational institutions, for which Kalimpong is well-known. The school is conveniently located in the 8th Mile area and easily accessible by vehicle as it is near the main road.   The school aims at inspiring young boys and girls to become good, law-abiding, loyal and successful citizens of their country, by preparing them with a sound foundation to excel in academics, as well as training them to hone their skills and innate talents. Emphasis is also laid to establish firm physical and spiritual development, and healthy character formation.

School Song
High up in the green hills,
Stands Infant Jesus School.
That we all love and respect,
Nestling birds and wonders of God’s paradise
Withholding it’s name and fame.
Hurrah, Hurrah no matter what you are,
Let your hearts cry out with joy.
Long live I.J.S.
In the hills of Kalimpong,
Hurrah, Hurrah I.J.S.
The school’s flag fluttering High up in the hills.
Our motto — Rise, Go Forth and Shine,
The sun shines on the school we uphold
Yes we uphold its honour and name.
Hurrah, Hurrah no matter what you are,
Let your hearts cry out with joy.
Long live I.J.S
In the hills of Kalimpong,
Hurrah, Hurrah I.J.S.