Website : https://www.loretobowbazar.in

Address : 65 B B Ganguly Street, Bow Bazar, Kolkata- 700012
Contact : 22120134
Email : contactloretobowbazar@gmail.com

Affiliated to

ICSE (class 10)

As prescribed by the Council including Religious Instruction and Value Education as compulsory subjects

ISC (class 11-12)

Science and Humanities

In addition to the subjects prescribed by the Council, the curriculum includes Religious Instruction and value Education as compulsory subjects.

The medium of instruction is ENGLISH. Bengali and Hindi are taught as 2 nd language from Classes 1-12.

For girls

We are deeply indebted to Mary Ward whose vision of education for girls was far in advance of her times. Recognizing the significance of education for women and the important role they would play in society in the future Mary Ward chose her special area of service, the education of girls. We carry on that tradition to the present day and are continually nourished by her spiritual insights.

Our goal is to form women alive to the need of our world, with the knowledge which gives them power to act, and motivated by the love which gives them purpose and wisdom in their action. The education of girls from every social background has to be undertaken so that they can be produced not only women of refined talents but those great persons who are so desperately needed by our times. The curriculum and co-curricular design is such so as to meet the requirements of the goal outlined above. It makes provision for the all round development of the student - spiritually, intellectually, socially, culturally and physically.

Co-curricular activities
• Art and Craft
• Basketball (coaching available)
• Dance
• Debate
• Drama
• Elocution
• Karate
• Music
• Needlework
• Physical training
• Quiz

Classes 8-12
• Educational tours
• Guides and Bulbuls in preparation to form NCC
• Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC)
• Leadership Training Service (LTS)
• Occasional ‘live-ins’ accompanied by a teacher when appropriate
• Young Christian Students (YCS)

• Audio Visual room
• Dance room
• Geography Room
• Hall
• Junior Library
• Labs – Physics / Chemistry / Biology / Computer / Maths / Home Science
• Library
• Play Area
• Prayer Room
• Staff Room

• Loreto Bowbazar was established in 1844 on the 8 th of December. It was known as St Francis Xavier Convent. It was originally a small private school owned by Mr and Mrs Cooper. Comprising boarders from the middle income group, who paid fees. A free school was also running parallel to the paid school. There were both boys and girls studying in the school.
In 1845 the Christian Brothers took charge of the boys. Loreto Bowbazar was the second assignment for the young Loreto Sisters who came to India from Ireland and the Cathedral of the Most Holy Rosary, 15 Portuguese Church Street, Kolkata 700001 was their first port of call after reaching India in 1841, on the 30 th of December.
• In 1845 the Loreto Sisters were asked to help in Medical College Hospital temporarily. The sisters managed the domestic and household duties. They managed the provision and looked after the ladies in the Female Ward. This arrangement proved to be economical for the doctors.
• In 1857 the year of the Mutiny, there was a rumour that trouble might spread to Calcutta. The people from the suburbs were removed to Fort William area and the orphans and Sisters from Loreto Entally were moved to Loreto Bowbazar.
• In 1882 the school in Bowbazar which was operating from a house given by Mr Cooper was given to the free section of St Joseph’s. A new property was acquired for the 300 children of Loreto Bowbazar. In 1882 the premises of Loreto Bowbazar was completed. The Concert hall and other improvements were made. The building grant sanctioned by the government, was not sufficient therefore it had to be supplemented by Dr Goethals. They still needed money for furniture and additional halls.
• In 1884 the new church was built on the ground of the free school. A free school was to be built on a new plot which was purchased. At that time, the only middle school scholarship open to competition was won by Loreto Bowbazar. Among the primary scholarships available Loreto Bowbazar won two.
• Today, the school is affiliated to the CISCE and offers the ICSE and ISC courses.