Address : PO Panighatta Bazaar, Via Belgachi - 734 423 Dist. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Loreto School Panighatta is located in Panighatta, West Bengal and was established in 1995. Originally a Hindi Medium school, Loreto School Panighatta is now an English Medium co- educational school. It is run by the Loreto Education Society of Darjeeling. The school has over 700 students from Nursery to Class 10. It is recognized by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. Loreto School Panighatta caters to children who live in marginalized areas, particularly in the surrounding tea estates.

Loreto values
Freedom, Justice, Sincerity

Students study the subjects recognized by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education:
  • Bengali
  • English 
• English Grammar
• Geography
• Hindi
• History 
• Life Science
• Mathematics
• Moral science
• Physical Science
• Social studies

Facilities available 
• Computer Room
• Library 
• Multi- purpose halls 
• Music Rooms
• Science Laboratory 
• Sports equipment

Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM)
The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary was founded by an Englishwoman, Mary Ward (1585-1645). It pioneered a new type of religious life for women which found apostolic expression in Catholic schools. The 18th century saw the spread and development of the Institute on the Continent and in England.

It was introduced into Ireland by Frances Teresa Ball who established the first house of the Irish Branch at Rathfarnham, Dublin. She called it Loreto, a name which signifies the love and unity that should characterize a home.

The first group of Loreto nuns came to India in 1841 and opened a school in Calcutta the same year. Five years later, Loreto came to Darjeeling. There are now over 20 Loreto schools and institutions in West Bengal.

The school is supported every year by several volunteers from India, Australia, Canada, Mauritius, Spain and Ireland.

Please contact the school for guidelines.

Source: https://sites.google.com/site/loretoschoolpanighatta/Home