34 Syed Amir Queen Ali Avenue, Park Circus, Kolkata-700017

Website : https://www.qmspc.org/
Contact No : +91 33 22908196
Email: ladyqueen_pc@yahoo.co.in

Our Lady Queen of the Missions School is an Anglo-Indian School catering for the upliftment of the girls irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

The School is recognized by the Educational Department of Government of West Bengal and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE).

Bengali and Hindi are taught as Second languages and French as Third language. Indian Classical Dances, Music, Art and Physical Training and Experiential Learning are part of our school curriculum. Since we consider character formation of each student is of paramount importance, Value Education and lessons on Moral Conduct are integral part of our Educational System.

Students may be required to take part in extra–curricular activities such as
• Debate
• Drama
• Games
• Quiz
• Music
• Arts and Singing
• Participation in activities and practice after the School hours / Saturday / Sunday may be deemed compulsory.

Our Vision
We, the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions are called to live the Gospel Values in the spirit of our Charism, honouring our multi-cultural and multi faith reality. We commit ourselves therefore to impart value based education principally to women and girls with special emphasis to the less privileged, developing their full potentials in their quest for excellence. We also provide an environment which enables the development of strong and responsible women, faithful to values and respect for themselves and compassion for others.

Our Aim
The aim of the Institute is to provide an integral formation to the pupils so that they can grow towards human maturity and conscientize them towards their vital role in life of the society for which, as adults, they will have to share responsibilities. In school, the young girls of any religious family find scope within their own cultural milieu to reflect on their lives in the light of their faith and to develop not only in knowledge and skills but also in the wisdom which is the fruit of reflection on life and its lessons. As they grow towards human maturity they are enabled with the help of the Divine Spirit and the support of the school to find meaning and purpose in their lives and are inspired to live and work for the building up of a just and fraternal society.

While preparing the students for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE) we Endeavour to develop their intellectual, moral and spiritual potentiality, helping them to grow into integrated persons with self-esteem and positive values in life. We strive to expand the students’ mental horizons by promoting and strengthening intercultural experiences, and instill in them the awareness of equality, social justice and world peace.

Facilities available
• Computer lab
• E- learning platform
• Experiential learning (involving or based on experience and observation)
• Extra curricular activities
• Library
• S.T.E.A.M. (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math – a combination of topics and techniques for educating our society)
• Science Labs
• ecurity service (CCTV Surveillance)
• Smart class

The following documents must be submitted along with the Application form:
• Xerox copy of the Birth Certificate (Hospital & Municipal Corporation)
• Baptism Certificate for Catholics / Christians.
• Xerox copy of the Voter ID/Passport/ Aadhaar of both the parents and one Residential address proof.

All relevant legal documents required in case of adoption of the child.
The selected candidate will receive an E-mail with further information within 20 days after the interactive session.

Our Lady Queen of the Missions School in Kolkata was started on 01 August 1946 with 5 students and today it has grown into a full-fledged ICSE and ISC school with its branch at Salt Lake. The foundation stone for Our Lady Queen of the Missions School at Salt Lake was laid on 09 February 1997 and the school started functioning in April 2001. Today it has grown into a full-fledged school forming the destiny of more than 1500 girls in the city.

Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions
Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions is an International Missionary Congregation founded by Euphraise Barbier on 25th December 1861 in Lyons, France. Euphraise Barbier was a valiant woman who from a tender age dreamed big to serve God and humanity. A daughter of a labourer Adele Euphraise Barbier was born to Louis Desir Barbier and Jeanne Adele Le Clere on 4th January 1829 in Caen, France. Fearing that the tiny baby would die the parents baptized and christened her on the same day. But no one knew the plan of God that this small child was ordained for an exalted destiny. The parents brought her up in the traditional Catholic faith and Euphraise lived with them until the age of 19 sharing in the active and strenuous life of the class that she belonged to. The Christian faith and religious upbringing had a great bearing on her. She loved God and desired passionately to be a missionary to foreign countries. In 1848 Euphraise entered a new missionary Institute known as the Sisters of Calvary which was established at Cuves. Euphraise had dreamed that this Institute would help to fulfill her hope of becoming a foreign missionary. But, her desire to be a missionary to foreign countries was realized and so she decided to leave the Sisters of Calvary and return to France looking for other possibilities. The Marist Fathers were looking for an excellent religious who will receive and form young women for mission to New Zealand. Euphraise was invited to fulfill the new plan and hence Institute de Notre Dame de Mission was established in December 1861 in Lyon, France. Euphraise wrote: [The Sisters’] “special end of this Institute is to aid humbly and to the best of their ability to extend the Kingdom of God by devoting themselves to the instruction and Christian education of children and women,” Euphraise Barbier sent her first missionaries to New Zealand in 1864 and other departures followed at regular intervals to Australia, England, Wallis, Tonga and Samoa in Oceania, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Since then the Congregation has spread across to all five continents covering 24 countries in the world. The newest missionary insertions are South Sudan, Laos, Odisha in India, Thai-Myanmar borders, Kazakhstan and Taiwan. Our priorities in mission are among the poor and the marginalized, especially women and children. Our approach to mission is an insertion among people after the example of Jesus journeying with and sharing of who we are and the little we have.

In India, we have 20 schools and a college spread across from the North East state of Meghalaya to Kerala providing quality education to girls along with social and pastoral work. Most of our schools, clinics and social work centres serve the poorest of the poor from all faith traditions and cultures.

Euphraise Barbier lived in a real world and lived life with enthusiasm even though she had to overcome many difficulties as the Foundress of the young Institute. She was a woman of great depth, prayer and who passionately loved God. She was familiarly known as “The little Mother”. Despite her health having been undermined by privations and illness, she had great enthusiasm for life.

Euphraise had a delightful personality with virtues of gentleness, simplicity, humility and generosity. She wrote on these virtues so that the Sisters and the pupils in the schools could imbibe these in their life. She was also admired for her kindliness and incomparable charity.

The final stage of Euphraise Barbier’s pilgrimage on this earth approached rather rapidly. Her strength was often sapped by illness; nonetheless, she remained active till the end with the concerns of the young Institute. On 18th January 1893 at the age of 64 death gently carried her to God whom she loved.

Today (in the year 2021), after 158 years of service to the Church and society the Sisters continue to keep alive Euphrasie’s vision for her congregation “to extend the Kingdom of God”.