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A unit of Jamshedpur Diocesan Education Society, Regno 529/2006
A co-educational English medium school affiliated to CISCE, New Delhi

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The new academic year starts in March every year
Children are normally admitted in the month of January for the academic year.
The school manages Nursery, KG, UKG, and classes from 1 to 10.
Admission is taken in Nursery, LKG and UKG according to the availability of seats.
The school reserves the right to refuse admission to students who fall short of the required standard of the school.
For admission both the parents should be present with the child.
Application form has to be complete with the passport size photograph of both the parents with the child in the middle.
Application form when returned to the school office must include the following documents:
a) The Birth Certificate. b) Transfer Certificate

The Saga of Sacred Heart Church & School, Adra
The church of Sacred Heart, Adra, was established in 1918 under the Archdiocese of Calcutta. With the establishment of the hierarchy in India in 1886, the Vicariate Apostolic became the Archdiocese of Calcutta and His Grace, Mgr Paul Goethals, its first Archbishop. In 1918, when the church of Adra was born, His Grace, Mgr Brice Meuleman was Archbishop of Calcutta Archdiocese. (First PP) Emile Courtin was entrusted to serve the people of Adra church. The successors of Fr Courtin who enthusiastically served the parishioners were dynamic, unique and burning with missionary zeal. The parish was then a centre of 'family and friends' gatherings. The church had a Parochial Hall where several festivities and functions were held like Lotto, Jumble Sale, Christmas Dance, bulgar and milk powder distribution etc.

The church building as it stands today was erected in 1928 during the term of Fr Jules Van Butsele sj. The parish continued to be under the Archdiocese of Calcutta till 1962 when the Diocese of Jamshedpur was created. It was during His Grace, Archbishop Vivian Deyer of the Bombay diocesan clergy that the 2nd Division of the Archdiocese of Calcutta was prepared and realized which resulted in the erection of three new dioceses, Jamshedpur, Darjeeling and Dumka. Calcutta Diocese lost Purulia district to Jamshedpur diocese and Sacred Heart Parish, Adra came under it. Jamshedpur was then under His Grace, Archbishop Lawrence T Picachy.

However, as narrated by Rev Fr Francis Gomes, an ex-Vicar General of the Calcutta Archdiocese and now retired and staying at St Thomas Church Presbytery, Kolkata, it was not until 1975 when Sacred Heart Church started receiving the services of Jamshedpur diocese priests. Rev Fr Rapheal De Sa was officiating as the Parish Priest until then and he used to commute between Adra and Calcutta occasionally. Ever since, Adra Parish has grown in community and commitment under the Diocesan missionary priests who now enthusiastically carry the torch their predecessors handed to them across this century. Together with the Parish and Asst Parish priests it is our challenge, it is our opportunity, it is our blessing to lead the Parish into its Second Century with as much vision, optimism and commitment as was exhibited by those who began its First Century.

The name of the school
Sacred Heart School is named after the Heart of Jesus Christ. In ordinary human language Heart stands for Love, Affection, Feeling and Sacrifice. The Heart of Jesus is the symbol of the 'Sacrifice of Love' which he accomplished for the welfare and upliftment of human race. Heart is also the seat of mercy, compassion and service. So our school stands for all these human and divine qualities, which are to be used for the integral development of the students of this surrounding locality - whose service is the prime concern of this institution.

Coat of arms
The coat of arms designed for Sacred Heart School incorporated elements that will make it easily recognizable. On the shield divided vertically we have on the right, the Heart of Jesus burning with love for the entire human race. The oozing of the blood drops stands for the supreme sacrifice, which He made to lift us up. The Heart of Jesus is the sign of His universal love for each human being. The initials S.H.S. at the left part above stands for 'Sacred Heart School'. At the bottom the motto of the School is given in Sanskrit: 'tamaso ma jyotirgamaya' which means " lead me from darkness to light".

Sacred Heart School, Adra (History)
Sacred Heart School was started in its present form in the year 1990 at the request of the local influential population who insisted on the need of having a good English Medium School in this locality, as there was none of its kind here. The need for such a school becomes all the more important, given the number of English speaking population of Adra, which is a very old Divisional head quarter of S. E. Rly. Sacred Heart School is privately managed school run under the aegis of Jamshedpur Diocesan Corporation with a properly constituted Managing Committee to help out in the welfare and the development of this institution. The School is open to all irrespective of religious, linguistic, cultural and social affiliations. We impart quality education through the medium of English.

Our mission and vision
The Prime concern of Sacred Heart School is to serve and promote the integral development of young men and women of this surrounding locality by imparting Academic Skills as well as Spiritual, Moral, Social and Physical Education and there by forming them to be fully divine, human and responsible personalities to serve our society in the future, irrespective of any caste, and culture.

School clubs

Discipline club
Discipline is the very basis of human progress. Without it nothing can be made or properly maintained.
To be disciplined is to submit to a good rule or system, to maintain certain restraints for ultimate general good.
The word discipline comes from the root word ‘disciplina’. Discipline involves the total moulding of the child’s behaviour, encouraging good behaviour and correcting unacceptable behaviour.

Literary club
Literary club is committed to tap the effective communication talent among the students; club is poised to enable the talents with cutting edge.
The club aims to foster a love for language, enhance literary creativity and provide an avenue for self- expression beyond the school curriculum.
To develop and hone the literary skills of the students, club inspires the students to develop a taste for literature and also works in the direction of educating their spoken and written language. It is intricate in a variety of activities aimed at building up the confidence and grooming the talents of students in facing various interpersonal activities and competitions.
The club has initiated competitions to enhance the speech and oratorical skills
• Creative writing
• Debate
• Elocution
• Essay writing
• Extempore
• Poetry writing
• Quiz
• Reading
• Skit

Cultural club
The Cultural Club of Sacred Heart School, Adra, always tries to bring out the extra talents and potentials hidden in the students. We look forward not to be just limited but to be academically excellent and also become versatile in cultural areas like singing, dancing, acting, etc which will help them to identify their hidden skills and open a wide range of career options for them in their future.

Sports club
A Sound mind in a sound body. This is what the Sports club firmly believes in. Keeping yourself fit not only keeps you healthy but also fine tunes your mind and brain in terms of commitment, concentration, dedication, hard work and a spirit of sportsmanship which helps you not only to excel in sports but also in academics.
The Sports Club focuses on these aspects. Physical fitness components like speed, agility, co-ordination, flexibility and endurance in students are worked out through various activities like endurance runs, sprints, relays including warming up and cooling down.
This is followed by recreational games which includes handball, football, volleyball which not only keeps the students in high spirits when they are playing, but helps them learn skills of these games and values such as team spirit, appreciating opponents, accepting victory and defeat in the right spirit.

Student security
Safety and security of the students is of prime concern. Hence no one is allowed to enter the school campus without the ID of the student concerned.
The school campus is covered by the CCTV cameras.

School song
Hail the name sacred Heart
Our dear school the home of love.
Here we learn to care and share
From darkness to light the motto we bear.
Fast and forward move we on
With sweet memories of days by gone
In unison we carol like the morning lark.
Hail to Thee O! Sacred Heart [2]
Sacred Heart the school we cherish.
Wisdom and knowledge you nourish.
May the Lord His blessing send,
on staff and student without end.