St. Anne's Convent School, DUTTAPUKUR

Address : Chotojagulia Vill. & P. O. Duttapukur, N. 24 Parganas-743294

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School Motto
To Create A New Society

St Anne’s Convent School, Chotojagulia, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, was established in 2018, owned by the society of Sisters of St. Anne, Chennai, a body registered under the Society Registration Act 1860. It is a Catholic Educational Institution conducted by the Sisters of St Anne, Chotojagulia a branch of the Society of Sisters of St. Anne, Chennai. The Society of Sisters of St. Anne is working practically all over India through educational institutions, health centres, orphanages and other charitable and promotional works. The School admits all children irrespective of caste and creed.

The course of instruction through the medium of English prepares the girls/boys for the ICSE Examinations of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations.

St. Anne, Patroness of our congregation
St Anne is the Patroness of our Congregation. The name ‘Anne’ means ‘GRACE’. Tradition refers to St Anne as being the Mother of Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus. Anne was born in Bethlehem and was married to Joachim from Nazareth in Galilee. Even after twenty years of marriage the couple had no children. So Joachim went into a desert to plead with God to bless them with a child. He spent a long time in fasting and prayer in the desert. Finally, God heard the prayers of Joachim and Anne and blessed them with a girl child.
After the child was born, Joachim and Anne named her ‘Mary’ and dedicated her to God. The child Mary spent much of her childhood at the temple of Jerusalem. When Mary was fourteen years old, she was betrothed to Joseph of Nazareth. And so Mary’s story continues with the birth of son Jesus and His life on earth.
The life of St Anne and her connection as Holy Mother of Mary and Grandmother of Jesus has been very popular among all the Christians in the world. The Feast of St Anne and St Joachim is celebrated every year on the 26 th of July. St Anne is honored as the Patron Saint for Education. There are numerous educational institutions in her name run by various Societies and organizations which includes our own St Anne’s Congregation.

Aims & Objectives
• to impart sound education and discipline based on moral principles
• instill in the students the spirit of service and joy
• make them useful citizens of society
• work with the Charism of the Society of Sisters of St Anne, “Fullness in God and Service in Simplicity”
• inculcate in students self-confidence, honestly, sincerity, equality and fraternity.
• Form them to be good leader and responsible citizens.

At the time of Admission, the original Birth Certificate should be produced from the corporation / municipality / Gram Panchayat. Catholic students must produce a Baptism Certificate.
Admission process for all classes (Nursery to 5) starts from the month of October.
The school to be upgraded every year up to class 10.

School fee covers twelve calendar months payable every month. No exception is made for holidays or broken periods. School reserves the right to increase fees at any time of the year if any increment is considered necessary, and every year 10-15% tuition fees or any other fee will be increased which is normal.

Identity Card
All students must obtain Identity Cards from the School office.

In addition to be subjects prescribed by the council syllabus, the curriculum includes Moral Science, Value Education as compulsory subject.
Apart from these the curriculum may include Handicrafts, Singing etc.
Bengali or Hindi as second Language from UKG.

Extra-Curricular Activities
Co-curricular activities are of paramount importance in the development of whole personality - interpersonal relation skills, confidence, poise and reliability are some of the qualities developed through co-curricular activities. Hence such activities are an essential part of the school programme.
The activities include Drama, Debate, Elocution, Games, art, Talent Development, Quiz and Physical Training etc.
In an effort to relate their learning to life, students are taken on educational tours.

Academic Evaluation
There are two rounds of Unit Tests and final examination in a year and occasional class tests to assess the progress of the students.