St. Anthony's High School, Kolkata


19 Market Street, Kolkata 700 087, West Bengal, India
Phone No: 033 2264 2667 / 033 2265 1530

School Motto
FORTITUDO, meaning physical strength, moral courage and bravery and it is an inspirational phrase for all Anthonians

Aims & Future Vision
Educate children in their own faith and principle irrespective of caste, creed and community.
Make children from all social backgrounds and religions, including the most deprived, feel welcome.
Encourage all-round growth and development of students to their fullest potential - spiritually, intellectually and physically.
Guide them to the tune of a sound sense of value and inculcate in them a deep sense of respect and appreciation for their culture and the country at large.
Try to create an atmosphere for students to find the scope, within their own cultural milieu, to reflect and develop not only in knowledge and skills but in wisdom.
Impart education characterized by thoroughness, high principles and freedom.
Help students grow with a deep sense of responsibility, self-reliance and maturity so that they find meaning and purpose in their lives and are inspired to live and work to build a just and fraternal society.
Set the idea of service before them to train them to be concerned for others, to be aware of their deeds and to make sacrifices where necessary and to share what they have with the less privileged.
Efforts are made to instill a sense of community rather than a spirit of competition

The Present
St. Anthony's High School is a Catholic educational institution administered by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Calcutta. Established in 1863, it functions within the rights and powers granted to religious and linguistic minorities by the Constitution of India (Act 29 and 30). The Catholic archdiocese of Kolkata is the founder body of this institution.
It is an English medium school for boys, offering West Bengal Board examinations - Madhyamik Pariksha under West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) and from 20.05.2015 Uchho Madhyamik Pariksha under West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE). It caters to students from classes 1-12. It is one of the very few schools offering English as a first language, under the Board. The school curriculum includes Religious Instructions (for Catholics), Moral Science (for Non-Catholics), Value Education (for all) as compulsory subjects and Handicrafts, Choral Singing, Computer Science, etc are optional.

Admission Formalities
Admission: class 1: First preference is given to students of St Joseph's Nursery and KG School, Kolkata, provided the date, time, rules and given procedure for admission are maintained.
Admission: class 11: after the Madhyamik Pariksha results - in case of any vacancy few seats are allowed to students other than those of St Anthony's High School. Enquire at the school office or check the website at

The School was established in 1863, more than 154 years ago, by Jesuit priests to provide quality education to children of Tamil migrants, who came to the city to earn a living. With the passing years it blossomed into a full-fledged institution. The management of the school passed into the hands of Diocesan priests. The school now has the Higher Secondary section offering Commerce and Humanities streams.