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St Mary's Convent School, Satragachi, was founded in 1974 as per the provisions of the constitution of India Part III Article 30(1). It is a registered society No. 3/97639 West Bengal. The school is affiliated to ICSE and ISC with Registration No WB226.
It is a minority school recognized by the Education Department of the Government of West Bengal and is affiliated to the council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi.
This school is Co-educational.

This school is open to all people, irrespective of caste, race and religion. It has undergone metamorphosis to become one of the premier educational Institutions catering to the needs of Santragachi. It has withstood the test of time and each student has become a pillar of this institution. The institution is known for its excellence in discipline, education, training and leadership.

This school is totally a private, unaided minority and does not receive any grant-in-aid from any government.

History and milestones
This school is a minority Educational Institution managed by the Servite Sisters. Their religious Congregation was founded in the year 1854 in India. The main apostolate of this congregation is 'educating the young'. The sisters have dedicated themselves to the service of God and mankind. Servite Sisters have more than 110 branches throughout India in various states namely Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha and Delhi.

The QUALIFYING AGE for application is
Three years for Nursery by March,
Four years for KG-1 by March,
Five years for KG-2 by March,
Six years for Class-1 by March.

At the time of interview, both the parents must accompany the child.
The registration is not a guarantee for admission.

At the time of admission, the Parents must submit to the school office, the child's exact date of birth and it must be supported by an authenticated extract from Municipal, Gram Panchayat etc.
The caste certificate (if any) should be attached.

The interview is meant to be child friendly (Reading, Writing not required for Nursery admission).

Written Examination will be conducted based on the previous class syllabus.

A pupil who has attended any recognized school cannot be admitted without a transfer certificate from the school last attended. And it has to be countersigned by the District Education Officer or Regional Officer.

The Principal is solely responsible for the processing of the applications and for the final list of selected candidates. Her decision shall be final.

Any attempt at seeking admission through dubious means, such as offering donations, will automatically debar the candidate from the list of applicants. Parents are also warned against so-called agents claiming to act on behalf of the School Authorities.

Once admission fees are paid it cannot be refunded if the child withdraws his/her admission from the school for any reason.

Admission to class 11
Students who appear for the ICSE Examination will have to seek fresh admission to class 11. At the time of admission the criteria for admission to Science/Commerce Stream will be decided by the principal. Admission to class 11 is totally at the discretion of the management of the school. They should above all, have satisfactory character certificate from the school they passed the secondary examination.
Those applying for science stream should have 85% marks in Science & Mathematics.
Those applying for the Commerce Stream should have 70% marks in the over all.
Application forms duly filled in are to be submitted with a copy of ICSE / CBSE / Madhyamik [West Bengal English Medium] marks sheets and progress Report of Class 9 and 10 on the date notified.

Courses of studies
The ICSE Section (Nursery to Class 10) prepares the students for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi, in the following subjects:
• English
• Bengali/Hindi
• Mathematics
• Science
• Social Studies
• Commercial Studies
• Computer Application
• Art & Craft,
• Value Education, GK, CCA

Science stream (class 9-10)
• English
• Bengali/Hindi
• Physics, Chemistry, Biology
• Mathematics
• Computer
• History, Geography

Commerce stream (class 9-10)
Commercial Application
History, Geography

St Mary's Convent School, Santragachi, being an English-medium School makes an effort to teach the students to handle English effectively as a written and spoken language.

Bengali and Hindi however are compulsory subjects as Indian Languages, in the three-language scheme of secondary education.

Religious Instruction: Being a Christian institution, the classes of Christian Doctrine (Catechism) are compulsory for Christian students. All students must attend classes of Moral Science which deal with moral principles, values and rules of conduct.

Discipline: Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in the school. A student must strive to attain qualities of mind and heart and integrate into his life virtues such as honesty, sincerity, piety, compassion, generosity, self reliance and love for nature. To maintain the discipline in the school the students are kept under the surveillance of CCTV. This has been installed in the classrooms, auditorium, ground and at every corner, within the school premises.

According to the Council norms the school provides a trained Counselor for helping the children to overcome their emotional setbacks and to help them meet challenges.

The student's personality, initiative and originality are given full scope in Creative curricular activities and by involvement and participation in Eco Club, sports and games.

Mission and motto
To educate, motivate and inspire students and
To prepare them to be confident, successful and responsible citizens of our country
We offer a high quality, internationally accredited English language curriculum to a diverse community.

The aim of the institution is to impart sound education by forming the boys/girls in the habits of piety, virtues, discipline and self-reliance during the years of their studies.

The method of education followed in the school is the system taught and practised by the Servite Sisters. It is based on conviction, prevention from faults and the love for God.

Our principles
Challenge each student to reach his/her potential
Stimulate creativity, critical and independent thought
Foster self-discipline & responsibility, both personal & social
Encourage individual accomplishments and reward individual achievements
Develop in each student a sense of identity and a feeling of belongingness

Foster respect and appreciation for cultural diversity.
Instill enthusiasm for life-long learning
Maintain a safe, caring and supportive learning environment
Promote cooperation among students, parents and staff in sharing responsibility for education and learning.

Activities (over the years)
• Apple Day
• Basic Rock Climbing Course
• Commerce Field Activity
• Creative writing
• Dance Competition (28th April 2014)
• Debate Competition on  
• Drawing competition
• English Literary Association
• Debate
• Slogan Writing Competition
• Excursion:  nature study camp
• Fancy Dress (22nd August 2014)
• Fete (18th December)
• Flag Day (14th August)
• Flag day (25th November)
• Games
• Handwriting Competition
• Health day
• Inter house quiz competition
• Mango Day
• Olympiad Competition:  Maths, Science, English and Computer was held.
• Spell Bee- Primary
• Quiz competition
• Recitation Competition
• Sharing Day/Fete
• Singing Competition (28th April)
• Visit to the Home of the Disabled
• WWF Competition

Some Rules
Students are not allowed to bring two wheelers to school. Fancy items such as electronic gadgets, pen drives, watches, toys, digital diaries, calculators, mobiles, belts with stylish buckles and stylish haircuts are not permitted.

Every student is expected to subscribe towards small school shows and local charities if authorized by the Principal.

Every student is obliged to take part in curricular activities organized by the school.

For students of Classes 9-10, active participation in any one of the Youth Groups / Clubs is recommended.

Students must speak only English within the school campus. Serious steps will be taken against those found using vernacular languages within the school campus at any time. This rule is applicable even during holidays.

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