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School Motto
Aedifices Et Plantes meaning > To build and to plant

Saint Michael, the Archangel, is the patron saint of the school. He is the Guardian and Protector of the school from all evils. Established in 1966, we are a premier co-educational institution specializing in a holistic upbringing of students from Kindergarten to High school. With excellence in education, sports, music, drama, and more, St. Michael’s has been a primary choice of education for over fifty years. The school believes in creating a second home for students, providing them with love, care and guidance and helping them to evolve into responsible adults.

Affiliated to the council for the India School certificate examination (WB066)


Kindergarten to class 12

Journal MICHAELMAS 2019-2020

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Class 10 (ICSE)
• English I & II
• Hindi/Bengali
• Mathematics
• Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
• History & Civics and Geography
• Computer Applications/Economic Applications

• English I & II
• Hindi/Bengali
• History & Civics and Geography
• Commercial Studies
• Mathematics/Economics
• Economic Applications/Computer Applications/ Physical Education • SUPW

Class 12 (ISC)
• Science
• English + 4
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Mathematics/Biology
• Biology/Computer Science/Hindi/Bengali/Physical Education

• English
• Accounts
• Commerce
• Mathematics/Geography
• Economics/Computer Science/Hindi/Bengali/Physical Education

• English
• History
• Political Science
• Mathematics/Geography
• Economics/Computer Science/Hindi/Bengali/Physical Education

Co-curricular activities
• Community Service
• Cultural programmes
• Debates
• Frank Anthony Memorial All-India Inter-School Debate
• Inter-school meets
• National Science and Mathematics Olympiads
• Quizzes
• Seminars
• Sports and academics
• Workshops

Aims to achieve a sound academic education for its students combined with intellectual and disciplined upbringing, fostering self-reliance courtesy a sense of service

• Auditorium
• AV room
• Multipurpose Hall
• Spacious and updated Library

Air-conditioned and sound-insulated music room that creates the perfect ambience for practicing music equipped with
• Acoustic guitar
• Bass guitar
• Electric piano
• Electric drums
• Synthesizer
• Flute
• Fiolin
• Maracas along with mixers and amplifiers

The school choir has performed on numerous occasions such as inter-school cultural programmes and gained the prestige of being one of the best choirs in the city.

The School was formed by the Bishop of Calcutta and the Metropolitan of India under the Caption- “Durgapur Project” in 1963. The School, however, opened only in 1966. With the formation of the Church of North India in 1970 and the creation of the Diocese of Durgapur, the school became a part of the new Diocese. The actual handover took place only in 1994 and the Diocese of Durgapur thus became the founder body of the School.

Today the school is run by a Board of Governors under the Chairmanship of the Right Reverend Sameer Isac Khimla, the Bishop of Durgapur, who was installed on the 1 st of December 2019. Under his visionary leadership, the school will also increase manifold in the coming years.

The first two ICSE (10) batches on 1983 and 1984 appeared from St Thomas’s Boys’ School, Khidderpore. By 1985, ICSE (10) candidates were appearing from the school’s centre and in 2014, the thirty-first batch of ICSE (10) was sent up.

About the school
One of the oldest schools within the Diocese, St. Michael’s was established in 1966 and has grown to be one of the leading educational institutes in the District. The Motto of the school “Aedifices Et Plantes” meaning "to build and to plant" encapsulates the hopes instilled within school administration and students which is to build up future generations of Michaelites to become contributing members to society and planting within them values and lessons which help them navigate the waters of life with kindness and integrity.

St Michael's aims to create an environment where the student can obtain an excellent educational foundation which will serve them well as they move onto higher studies. The school also has a diverse and interesting range of co-curricular and sports activities which gives all students a chance to find what suits them the best. Even during changing circumstances, the school is quick to adapt and prioritizes the needs of the students - be they mental or educational.

The Mission of the School is to create an environment conducive to growth for every child where a supportive community of students and teachers help each individual to grow into principled, contributing and accountable adults. By doing so, St Michael’s has built a reputation for academic excellence, co-curricular activity, and integrity.