The Salvation Army Mary Scott Home for the Blind, Primary School for the Blind

Address : 9 th Mile, Kalimpong 734301, Darjeeling

Mary Scott founded the school in 1940.

In the town of Kalimpong the missionary namesake established the Mary Scott Home for the Blind in 1940. The Salvation Army assumed responsibility in 1952 and today it boasts 64 students, supported by 14 teachers, 7 residential hostel workers and the officers-in-charge.

The students have musical and creative talents which include basket weaving and demonstrations of Braille reading and writing. The children are very talented and they are well supported and appreciated by the staff, some of whom are former students. Although visually impaired, the young people move very quickly around the property, which is built into the hillside.

The school at Kalimpong is nestled in the hills of the Himalayas. It has recently built some beautiful new buildings, funded by the International Headquarters of The Salvation Army. This means that even more children can live at the school and there is a new music room and computer room.

There are 37 children currently living at the school.  They have a variety of lessons including computer classes where they learn all the keys off by heart and are taught by a teacher who is himself blind. Previous students from here have gone on to be a professor in Kolkata, an engineer and a few had become teachers both at the school and elsewhere.

The children help one another. Those with slightly better sight helped those with less and they would often link arms with the person next to them and lead them along. This would help avoid them falling or walking where they were not supposed to go.

These children have a much brighter future thanks to the dedication of all the staff at the school.


As on 20.11.2021